Durand “Kalei” Kahalewai was born in December of 1969.  The “dark” side of KAMANAWA grew up in Palolo, going to Palolo Elementary before going up to Kamehameha Schools to complete his high school. With his “Tomorrow is never promised, so live life to the fullest” philosophy, he grew up enjoying music, football, bodysurfing and eating. In his Palolo days, he played “chase master”, marbles and body surfed at “Walls” and Sandy’s”.  These interests turned to basketball and football as he grew older.

As a youth, his parents were a strong influence in his love for Hawaiian music.  Bob Marley stretched his music philosophies even further.  Kalei believes that Music is the language of the universe and that it is a gift from God.  He says “how you live on earth will determine where you go in your afterlife.” This mind set drives him to reach and  touch people in their hearts with his music. “I want  to connect with them and make them happy.”

Playing in front of 10,000 people at the Waikiki Shell with his reggae band “Roots Odyssey”, overseas trips to Japan, Tahiti, Canada, New Orleans, and New York with the “Ka’ala Boys, playing at the Merrie Monarch all add to make up Kalei’s musical history - the“dark” side of the group known as “Kamanava”.
  Kalei is supported by his loving wife Cheryl, son Kainoa and daughter Chelei. They have been his foundation and in his own words, "Stuck by me thru all the ups and downs of my musical career."

1969- born with an 'ukulele in my hand
1985-87- played in several bands in high school
1987-94 - First professional band,”Tropical Wine”. Recorded first CD.
1994-98 - Played with “Diane and the Boys” and “Ka'ala Boys”.
1999 - formed Reggae band ”Roots Odyssey”.
2000 - Recorded ”Roots Odyssey” CD. Played in many big concerts.
Mid 2000 - Met Blaine Kia
2004 - “Roots Odyssey” association ends
2007 - Joined “Ka'ala Boys” full time.

Currently plays “with Ka'ala Boys”, my reggae band “Rocksteady”, and with Blaine Kia as “Kamanawa”