About Kamanawa

Kalei Kahalewai & Blaine K. Kia

KAMANAWA: “The Season –as the time is now!”

Kalei Kahalewai and Blaine Kia have been performing together as musical artists since 1998 with Kalei on electric bass, and Blaine on acoustic guitar. In the twenty years that this duo, Kalei and Blaine have been performing they have traveled the world making a name for themselves. Kalei and Blaine have long awaited for the moment in time to combine their musical talents passed down from both having talented, musical fathers. Both members of Kamanawa are born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi with music already in their blood from a young age. Now having become accomplished entertainers and a magnificent duo, their combined skill levels are impeccable! Kalei & Blaine are both Hawaiian by ethnicity and keep Hawai’i their home, never to part with their roots. Most of all, Kalei and Blaine are both family men! Happily married with children and honor their families each time they take to the stage. They have both combined their passion of traditional Hawaiian music and the love of Island music and contemporary rock to add to their array of a most memorable musical experience.