KŪ KIAʻI MAUNA -“Naue Mai Kākou”

Release Date: August 2019


In mid July of 2019, the intensity of the TMT Protest upon our piko of Mauna Kea began to take shape once again. Meanwhile, I was overwhelmed with several Hula celebrations overseas. Upon my return home to Honolulu the advancement of the multitudes forming at the summit of Mauna Kea was at an all time crescendo! I realized at some point I would get involved very soon! Not a moment later, my emails began to increase rapidly with reports of my hālau hula organizations being contacted by other various organizations for support at this critical moment in time. I made an instantaneous decision to have my hula organizations standby until I could find a unified purpose in which to rally and cohesively get behind Kū Kiaʻi Mauna. That “purpose” became this mele! Loea Kawaikapuokalani Hewett, called me “out-of- the-blue” and we spoke about another subject matter that soon became the subject of the “Mauna.” Next thing a know, I have a mele in my hands in less than 10minutes of our conversation. I knew this was all meant to be and that now I had a purpose to rally my people! This mele was to be the “ice-breaker” towards building, forming and establishing a massive cohesive force to support Kū Kiaʻi Mauna. Coupled with this mele is the much needed educational component in which to coordinate a curriculum lesson plan for all of my organizations to fully understand and comprehend what this fight is truly all about and why Mauna Kea is so sacred to Hawaiians and what it means to our hula. And so the purpose became a reality in less than 24hrs after my conversation with Kawaikapu. On July 31st, Wednesday, Kamanawa (Blaine Kia & Kalei Kahalewai), Percussionist – Jon Porlas, and Blaineʻs two of three keiki, Mahiehielehua(w)age 18 and Kikaukahananui(k)age 13, joined in to lend back vocals as we anxiously recorded the song with great enthusiasm. The recording took place at AUWAʻA Studios – Engineered by Kale Chang. And in 4-5 hours (over 2 days) the mele was complete!

KŌ KA ʻIʻINI (KKi) is the name given to my association and organization of fifteen hālau hula of thirty years! KKi continues to strive towards sustaining the art of hula with proper morals and ethics that are at the forefront of its core teachings. They are built on an integral hula legacy that in such times as these, we must rise and come together… Naue Mai Kākou!


Words & Music:
Kawaikapuokalani Hewett

Produced/Arranged KIA Enterprises LLC:
Blaine Kamalani Kia

Music Presentation:
KAMANAWA – Blaine Kamalani Kia & Kalei Kahalewai

Record Label:
KEALA Records, Greg & Sandy Sardhina

Recording Studio:
Auwaʻa Studio, Kale Chang

Auwaʻa Studio, Kale Chang

Blaine Kamalani Kia – Courtesy of KIA Enterprises LLC


Blaine Kia
Lead Vocal / Rhythm & Lead Guitars / Chant

Kalei Kahalewai
Lead Back Vocals / Elec. Bass & Ukulele

Mahie Kia
Background/Chant Vocals

Kikau Kia
Background/Chant Vocals

Jon Porlas

Kale Chang 
Recording Engineer