Our Music


Release Date: August 2019

In mid July of 2019, the intensity of the TMT Protest upon our piko of Mauna Kea began to take shape once again. Meanwhile, I was overwhelmed with several Hula celebrations overseas. Upon my return home to Honolulu the advancement of the multitudes forming at the summit of Mauna Kea was at an all time crescendo! I realized at some point I would get involved very soon! …

Christmas With You

Release Date: November 2018

This project is inspired by the true love expressed deeply to both Kalei Kahalewai’s wife and Blaine Kia’s wife, Kaleonani. Both are happily married and share their tradition of Christmas of how love can endure through Christ.  This dedication is also extended to our children whom have given us the true meaning of what family means at Christmas time.

Huakaʻi Kuʻu Poli

Release Date: July 2017

Ka Uwe a Ke Aloha 

Release Date: July 2013

In memory of the late Kuakapu Hewett. Song writter by his father Kawaikapuokalani Hewett arranged and sung by Kamanawa.

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